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Posted By :    patricia kondratowicz  (
Posted :    12/7/2015
Comments :    I would like to thank Dr Matthew & staff. I recently had to take my Shih Tzu Kati who was 14 years old and having multiple seizures to help her join the rainbow bridge. I was just heartbroken about this and was a complete mess. he helped me realize I was doing the right thing for her. it is so difficult when you love your dog like family.I called in the morning and was told to come in when I could get there. no waiting in the waiting room. Dr Matthew examined her and told me prices to decide. It was the worse day of my life yet I knew I did the right thing since she was suffering. I was comforted by the staff, and was told to call if I needed anything at all. The office is always clean, quiet and relaxing for both pet & owner and for these reasoning I will recommend Dr Matthew
Posted By :    Novemberspice  (
Posted :    1/19/2014
Comments :    I rescue cats. I cage the wild cats around by my home and take them to Dr. Matthew to get them spayed or neutered and get their vaccination shots, and I re-release them. I Pay $120.00...If anything else is wrong with the cat he will ALWAYS tell me the cost BEFORE hand!! Dr Matthew is ALWAYS willing to help with price!! He is always accommodating and will take you if you just walk right in... He very is caring!!! Every where else I call it's ALL about the MONEY! not about you or you or your PET!! I urge you to call around ALL the other places, they want $260. to $290.00 for spay or neuter plus vaccinations!!!! Who the ____ can afford that?!! I am NOT by all means rich! I am a single mom living on a very low fixed income. I just have a caring heart and hate when people just throw their cats outside to fend for themselves! I tell the other vets that I rescue cats and at any one given time I'm caring/fostering for 10-15 cats if I could get a discount. They ALL tell me the same thing, NO. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Matthew!!!
Posted By :    Tess N.
Posted :    8/21/2013
Comments :    Dr. Matthew and his staff are extremely professional. Our Golden Retriever and two rescue cats have received caring and skilled care from Dr. Matthew since 2004. Our Pet family have been seeking health and medical care in both a proactive and reactive manner and have never been disappointed. We can call and receive same day appointments, telephone consults, diet and medical food counseling without additional charges. Appointments are scheduled so there is not too much excitement in the waiting room which can cause a lot of anxiety for pet owners! The Clinic is clean and inviting; a testament to the great care offered from Dr. Matthew and his Staff! A Definite rewarding experience for a potentially stressful event, Thanks Dr. Matthew & Danielle!
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